"Don’t worry i’ll b back"

The last words you told me on Aug 13…

Now you’re gone. Death comes to all. But for some too soon. (9.9.2014)

SarahMas: Fuck The Beatles. They believed that drugs and sex fixed everything. Sometimes you can genuinely give someone all the love, unconditional. And all they do…. ha

I sure hope Karma exists. Not in the spiteful painful way.

July 13th

I’m sick of being with someone who is the definition of inconsiderate. You are fully aware and KNOW I wouldn’t want you doing something, yet you do it anyways and decide to care afterwards.

I can’t communicate with you. You are impossible. You say you’re gonna change but complain about messing up and have to start over again.

It’s funny to think that the next guy I meet will probably be thanking you for making his job so much easier. It’s a fortunate thing that I learn from my mistakes… usually a little too late.

He’ll probably think it’s a joke that I stayed with someone who treated me the way you do.

Boys use words to make promises.
Men use action.

AND i’m just an idiot… who can’t seem to allow herself to have what she deserves…. BETTER

"I should have loved myself with the love I gave to you."
— 11 word story

every single thing.

"Just as a snake sheds its skin, we must shed our past over and over again."
— Gautama Buddha

when someone asks you why you’re still with them…even after all their bullshit…. how are you suppose to tell them it’s because of someone else? How are you suppose to tell them it’s because you’d rather be hurt a 1,000 times over again by them then to go through the motions of being hurt by someone you loved previously. I always feel like an idiot. I’m too scared of my past relationship to let go of my current one.

I’m too scared to go find Mr. Right